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Edge to Edge
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Optional Separate Border $50.00
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$12.00 sq ft
Custom from $12.00 sq ft minimum order $150.00
Edge to edge minimum order $55.00

Matilda's Own 100% Wool 2.4 wide $35.00 p/m
Matilda's Own 100% Cotton 2.4 wide $30.00 p/m
Matilda's Own Charcoal 60% Wool 40% poly 2.4 wide $35.00 p/m
Matilda's Own 60% Wool 40% poly 2.4 m $30.00 p/m
Matilda's Own 100% Bamboo 2.4 m $30.00 p/m
Not Required

Backing Wide Back
$20.00 per/m
$25.00 per/m
$30.00 per/m
$35.00 per/m
Not Required

Binding machine sewn one side only
$0.20c per inch
Not Required

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