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Sending Quilts

Quilting Prices , What is quilting?

Edge to Edge Quilting

A continuous line design worked from one edge of the quilt to the other, and repeated from top to bottom of the quilt. You can choose the density and design, giving a stunning result for all over quilting. These patterns vary from a light stitching density, to medium and heavy.

With the precision of our computerized Statler Stitcher we can adjust size and repeats of a pattern to suit your beautiful quilt.

If you would like a certain pattern and you don’t see it in our Pattern Library, I am happy to download new quilting designs for you.

I can also design a new quilt pattern for your patchwork quilt.

Quilting Priced from $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot, minimum fee $55.00.

Light , Medium and Dense refers to the density of the quilting.

1 – Light Pattern        $2.50 per square ft    – Light quilting spread out further very soft
2 – Medium Pattern  $3.50 per square ft    – Medium quilting closer together pattern smaller
3 – Dense Pattern      $4.50 per square ft     -Dense sewing very close together fabric feels tighter quilting pattern the smallest

Quilting Squedge quilt


Art N Quilting Studio also returns your quilts with FREE postage with the purchase of quilting wideback fabric or wadding from us.

Which pattern should you choose ?

There are many patterns available to suit a wide range of quilts.

Think about the recipient of the quilt.

Are they young?… Female? …Male? ..love a particular theme?

Think about the fabrics in the quilt do you want to repeat theme roses with roses ?

Should the image be … floral? .. linear? .. circles? .. points?..theme?

If unsure I can contact yourself once we have received your quilt and help you with a choice.

Is the thread colour important?

Yes the colour of the thread used for the quilting is important to the finished result!

Edge to Edge quilting only allows for the use of one colour of thread over the entire quilt.

Therefore you need to decide whether you want the thread colour to hide into the pattern

Whether you want the stitching to add an extra decorative dimension to the quilt by being visible.

When quilting the top and bottom threads are the same colour.

WE are happy to use Variegated thread at an additional cost.

Art N Quilting Studio are happy to choose the best colour to suit your quilt.


Custom Quilting

This is where several different styles of quilting are required to complete the quilt including patterns that are made specifically to fit blocks, borders, sashes etc.

These include: stitch in the ditch, background fills, crosshatching, feathers, borders, motifs, echoing. This style of quilting is charged at an hourly rate of $25.00 per hour.

Clients can choose from budget to show quality, depending on complexity and density of patterns.

Costs to have your quilt professionally machine quilted will vary according to the size & design of the quilt & type of work to be done.  Minimum fee $125.00




Machine sew binding on one side only.

Price $ .17 c per inch

Customer to supply ready made binding

Or If you would like the quilt finished with binding on both sides machine sewn, this can be done at an hourly rate of $25.00 an hour. If needed I can also make your binding.

I hope I have explained the different quilting techniques. If you have any questions, then please send me a message via my contact form.

Happy Quilting 🙂