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Quilt Wadding Choices

Quilt Wadding Choices –  How to choose

There is a wide variety of Quilt wadding/batting on the market today. Like everything else, the variety can get overwhelming and very confusing. I will break down some of the differences so that you can pick the best  Quilt wadding/batting  for your patchwork quilt or wall hanging quilt.

Quilt Waddings have a different drape and give the finished quilt a different feel and look.

The wadding we stock are Australian Made and owned.

Your finished quilt’s appearance, drape, softness, and comfort are all directly related to the wadding you use in the middle.


Wadding – Sometimes called batting or stuffing, this is the layer in the center of the quilt sandwich.

Wadding Fibre -can be cotton, polyester, silk, wool, bamboo or blends of the names mentioned. Example poly/wool

Loft – Describes the Height of Quilt Wadding . Higher loft the thicker the quilt finish and lower loft thinner quilt finish.When working with high-loft waddings, the quilting lines will be more apparent and the quilt will “puff out” more. Low-loft battings are a good choice for a flatter finish, where you want to show off the piecing more than the actual quilting lines.

Scrim – Most batting’s have a Scrim. The scrim is fine light weight non-woven fabric that the fibres are needle punched into. Waddings that contain scrim are generally more stable and have less stretch than those without scrim.  The scrim locks in fibers to prevent bearding/piling (wadding pulling through the quilts) . The Scrim  gives the batting strength and firmness. Excellent for quilting and keeping your quilts in shape.

Colour – most waddings are off-white in colour, there is a bleached white wadding  and black wadding

Fusible waddings – these have a glue-like resin on the back and front, and when heated with an iron, will stick to your quilt top and backing, in other words basting your quilt sandwich. This is great for smaller projects you wish to quilt yourself

Insulated waddings – the heat-proof qualities for these make them ideal for placemats, oven gloves, pot holders, ironing board covers – anywhere where you need protection from a heat source. If you use a piece of cotton wadding either side of the insulated piece, you increase the protection even more

Beading – The migration of fibers from the wadding passing through the quilt top and forming a fuzz on the surface of the quilt, thought to be caused by static electricity. Most often associated with cheaper polyester waddings, beading can also happen with cotton, wool and silk. Choose a wadding with scrim will help to over come this problem.


First ask yourself a few questions

Who will be receiving the quilt ? ……. Baby, adult, child.
Where do they live ? …….. Hot or Cold climate.
Is it a wall hanger or quilt for a bed? ……. Wall a flat quilt, bed higher thickness
Do you like high loft or low loft?…… thick or thin
Fibre you may prefer ?……. Man made or natural
Costing you would like to spend?….. Budget price is a factor

Quilt wadding/batting

Polyester 100%

Poly Wadding is a Medium loft.

Machine washable wadding a very robust fibre, yet soft enough for all projects.

Recommended for quilts that need to be robust and require lots of washing with zero shrinkage.

Great for wall hangers and high usage quilts.

Lowest priced wadding to buy.

Low allergy

This type of quilt wadding  holds in warmth effectively because the polyester fibers trap warm air.

I use Matildas own O So Soft and as the name suggest this is a very soft wadding on scrim.

Available in 1.5metre width and 2.4 metre.

This man made material has virtually no shrink and produces quilts that can hang stunningly straight on a wall. Great for wall hanging quilts and textile art quilts.

I would not recommend poly for baby’s quilts as they may overheat.  Fine for younger children who can kick the quilt of when they feel hot.

A great wash and use wadding.

Cotton 100%

Cotton wadding-  low to medium Loft is the normal loft in cotton ,  you can now also buy cotton as a high loft.

A natural breathable wadding great for a summer quilt. Cotton will always have a tendency to shrink within your quilt when washed , which produces a soft, crinkly effect on the surface.

I prefer to buy cotton on a scrim for stability when washing to keep the cotton uniform and making the quilt more durable.

Used in  quilts and wall hangers.

For hand sewing use a cotton wadding with no scrim this makes it easier to hand sew through. ( I do not stock this wadding )

This is washable with a shrinkage of 2.5 % giving your quilt a nice antique look.

I use Matildas Own 100% cotton for wall hangers, baby quilts or a light weight summer quilt or lap quilts.

This wadding lays flat. Great for hand sewing for the ease of nice straight stitching.

Available in 2.4 metres and 3 metres for larger quilts.

Hollyburtons Cotton wadding is available in a medium loft and high loft,  a light weight and warmer wadding.

A great wadding for seeing the quilting texture because of the higher loft. This one is available in 2metre  wide lengths and so soft to touch.

Wool 100%

Wool Wadding

Machine Washable needing a little more care when washing.

Great  for that added warmth for winter or colder climates.

Natural and breathable 3 % shrinkage when washed.

Medium Loft wadding  also available in high loft.

More expensive then cotton and Polyester.

Comes on scrim to prevent beading and stabilizers the wadding.

The higher the loft in wool the heavier a quilt will become, but you will have more warmth.

Super warm and soft, wool is a great choice for winter bed quilts. This special fiber is unique in that it holds no memory so your quilts will never get fold lines and creases, even when folded up tightly for months. For this reason, wool is a very popular show quilt batting.

I love the high loft wool from Hollyburton this really delivers a nice puff on the quilt top.

Available in 2 metre width.

Lighter weight I use Matildas own which is a medium loft.

Wool is great for seeing the texture of the quilting pattern.

Available in 2.4 metre width.

Bamboo 100%

Bamboo Wadding

Bamboo is one of our most environmentally friendly Waddings as it requires no fertilization, irrigation, pesticides or intervention from man at all during the growing stages.

Light weight wadding, low loft and very soft.

A great choice for summer time bed quilts and lightweight throw quilts. Low allergy and will not allow mould or mildew to grow.

Bamboo dries faster then cotton and is 100 % natural and breathable.

The fibers from bamboo are long and strong, but surprisingly soft. It can be as drapeable as silk, as soft as fine wool. 

Machine washable with 3% shrinkage

Great for hand quilting, quilts and wall hangers.

A great wadding for hot climates or baby quilts .

A resonably new wadding on the market

More expensive then cotton and polyester, cheaper then wool and silk.

Matildas Own Bamboo on a scrim avilable in 2.4 metre width

Silk 100%

Silk Wadding

Very Light weight wadding, low loft and breathable

Generally more expensive out of all the waddings

I do not stock silk wadding I have not yet tested and used this wadding

Most silk waddings have a mix of polyester for strength.

More care needed in washing recommended hand washing with  5% shrinkage.

I do not stock silk this one is hard to find in Australia

Also available a variety of mixed waddings


A very balanced batting/wadding . By Adding wool to poly /cotton increases loft and definition of quilting as well as making it suitable for all climates. Medium LOFT, scrim.

Higher loft then poly/wool and very soft to touch

Matildas Own 2.4 metres wide

40% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 30% Wool


One of our best selling wadding  Matildas own 2.4metres wide

Pre-washed, scrim
Machine washable
Permanently Moth Proofed
Anti-bacterially Treated
2.5% Residual Shrinkage
Medium Loft, Quilt 8-10 Inches apart
60% Wool, 40% Polyester

I also use Holly Burton 2metres wide, also available as extra thick and I love this wadding very high loft giving your quilt a great texture.

This wadding is a blend of their  own and locally grown unbleached wool giving it a natural look. Made with a 28 micron wool blended with 3 denier virgin polyester, it feels so good to touch and work with; our clients love it!

Shrinkage between 1.8% – 1.9%

160 gsm – more weight than other wadding’s on the market.

Needle punched onto a polyester scrim for stability while quilting


cotton/wool mix has a slightly higher loft than pure cotton and with the warmth of wool and softness of cotton, it gives you the best of both worlds. Both natural fibers. Scrimed , machine washable, prewashed.

60% wool, 40% cotton


Heat Bank

Yet another innovation from Matilda’s Own Pty Limited,
Heat Bank! The warmest batting in the world!
Just what you need in today’s climate.
Now with super soft Ceramic Fibers that reflect the bodies radiant heat.(Far infrared rays)
This new batting has the same soft handle as the wool/poly( indistinguishable ) with all the same benefits you have grown to rely on, Pre-washed, Pre-shrunk and machine washable. On a Scrim.

This wadding feels the same as poly/wool but with added warmth by adding ceramics.

10% Ceramic, Wool 60%, 30% Polyester

If you are unsure on the type of Quilt wadding/batting you may require with your next project. I will be more then happy to help 🙂