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Matildas Own Wadding

Matildas Own wadding  made in Australia by Victorian Textiles.

Victorian Textiles was incorporated in 2000 and is managed by husband and wife team, Tony and Yumi Sullivan. The family has over 60 years experience in the textiles industry, with Tony being the third generation.

They are innovators of different waddings and materials their waddings are super soft and durable and comes in multiply sizes, all high quality waddings.

Heat Bank 10% Ceramic, Wool 60%, 30% Polyester

Heatbank wadding

Heat Bank    $ 28 metre
Yet another innovation from Matilda’s Own Pty Limited,
Heat Bank! The warmest batting in the world!
Just what you need in today’s climate.
Now with super soft Ceramic Fibers that reflect the bodies radiant heat.(Far infrared rays)
This new batting has the same soft handle as the wool/poly( indistinguishable ) with all the same benefits you have grown to rely on, Pre-washed, Pre-shrunk and machine washable.


Wool/Poly  60/40%

Wool/Polyester Wadding 2.4m and 3.1metres $24.00 and $28.00 metre

Our best seller

The warmth of wool with the easy care of poly. A very nice blend with a medium loft.

60% Wool, 40% Polyester
Machine washable
Permanently Moth Proofed
Anti-bacterially Treated
2.5% Residual Shrinkage
Quilt 8-10 Inches apart

Medium Loft

Cotton30%/Wool30%/Poly 40%

poly/cotton/wool wadding

Poly/cotton/Wool Wadding 2.4metres $24.00 metre
Matildas Own have put together three of their best selling fibres to make what is our most balanced batting so far. Adding wool to our poly cotton increases loft and definition of quilting as well as making it suitable for all climates.

Medium Loft

Bamboo 100%

Bamboo Wadding

Bamboo Wadding 2.4metres $24.00

100% Bamboo on a scrim

Bamboo is one of their most environmentally friendly battings as it requires no fertilization, irrigation, pesticides or intervention from man at all during the growing stages. This batting holds 3 times more moisture than cotton, dries 3 times faster and will not allow mould or mildew
to grow.
Many say that this batting is softer than ,silks . Simply one with the lot and no negative aspects.

Low loft

Wool 100%

Wool wadding

Pure Wool Wadding 2.4Metres $28.00 metre

• 100% wool on a scrim
• Pre-washed
• Pre-shrunk
• Fully machine washable

Matilda’s Own wool wadding is machine washable with no resin, sprays, glues or bonding. Permenantly moth proofed and antibacterially treated for long term storage. Beautiful, natural and wonderfully soft and cuddly. Can be machine washed.

Medium Loft

Cotton 100%

Cotton Wadding

Pure Cotton Wadding 2.4m and 3.1metres $24.00 metre and $28.00 metre

The 100% pure natural cotton blend is made right here in Australia from Australian cotton with only 2.5% shrinkage. Not only is our cotton batting double carded and needle punched onto a scrim and virtually seed free, it also has great stability and can easily be quilted up to 10 inches apart. Cotton is a beautiful natural fibre to use for all your quilting projects. Luxurious feel, ideal for machine and hand quilting.

Low loft

Poly 100%

Polyester Wadding

O-Sew-Soft Polyester Wadding 1.5m $13.00 metre

Matilda’s own polyester is a composite of many different
polyester fibres; in order to achieve the right amount of coverage, loft, and softness we have combined a variety of fibres to get the best possible balance.
The O-sew-Soft 100% polyester on a scrim gives a similar drape and stability to the wool blend but with a slightly higher loft. The light weight version, O-sew-Soft LITE is great for wall hangings and hand quilting, and one of the softest polyesters you have ever felt.

Medium/High Loft

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